Monday, September 10, 2007

joy of camping

Toiyabe national forest, northof yosemite. The best part was, I saw tons of critters of all sizes. The worst part was, you freeze your nuts off at night.
Firstly, heres a painting so sloppy, everyone can tell the thought of bears didnt leave my mind.

Secondly, I fished a drowning dragonfly out of the lake, where it fell in the heat of passion and was abandoned by its mate after having consummated the "thing". It was very sluggish and wouldnt fly away so i brought it with me so I could study it closer . However, it died after a day, without ever regaining the vigour to fly and so I kept it as a cool souvenir. Hey , at least he did the deed and so the halls of dragonfly valhalla probably welcomed him. Lo there do I see my father...
Expectedly, it looked much prettier when it was alive.

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Rrramone said...

Very cool. I just went to Idaho and was at a mountain lake where I took photos of 2 different colored dragonflies doing the nasty. One was bright blue. :-)