Tuesday, February 05, 2008



StudioRisingStar said...

Great work Kon!
I haven't seen you in a long time man! I'll keep visiting your blog!

-Brandon Robinson,SRS

marctaro said...

hey - this is probably the wrong place to do this - but I couldn't find your email :) (feel free to delete this if you like!)

looks like you're in San Francisco if I got that right? I'm getting involved in a new long pose group in the city - thought I'd send you the link - if you or any friends wanted to come out to paint! First session is this Sunday, Feb 10...



Sorrentino said...

wow, lovely illustration! love the expression and color!

DerMidlet said...

the gesture and expression in this is awesome.

Joe Karg said...

WOW! Stunning. I love the acting of the figures and the color pallet. Everything is working so strongly in this piece. One of your best from what I've seen.