Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2 from Tomutsu.

From todays Tomutsu class.

-"Wow, are these done by the Academyart Freindly Headpainting Automaton?"
-"Why YEEES , HOw did you guesss?"
-"Comeon its a litle obvious dont you think?"

3 hours and 1 hour respectively.


Mike S said...

fuck thats awesome! were the hell are th eother comments , what the hell is wrongh with everyone! the techniques of konstantin dvd

Konstantin Pogorelov said...

Oh Mike youre such a gentleman to say such nice things. My secret tecnique is that I hate the other people in my class and I try to make them cry when I paint in clas.

Boris Andreev said...

Privet, Konstantin!
I like your paintings very much. Your thumbnails look pretty interesting also :) And, he-he, the secret tecnique sounds cool.

Juampa said...

Very nice! i love this "quick style".