Sunday, December 03, 2006

Works in Progress.

12/05/06 Heres how the block-in for the "Paradies" looks. You can tell there's shiny stuff on top. Its matt medium. The linework is FW acrylic ink, BURNT UMBAH BABY.

And the EDEN picture. Same story. NOw you see what's on it. See? I tOld you.

12/02/06 ... Here are some "works in progress" so you can see how organized I am.
I try to keep them from stagnating, the way countries "on their way to development", for instance, do.
I was listening to Bobby Chiu's video podcast on UTUBE and drawing this blue babe and I ahd me a great time but I ran out of podcasts.

THis here you cant really see what's going on, but I assure you its thumbnails for a book interior illust. for EDEn, where they sort of fudge their landing and their ship is all sideways and theyre just hanging in their hybernation coccoons.

This one's for EDEN also, it's a little later in the story they run into a native .. "village" sort of I guess, and the aliens kinda stampede around them, and no one can tell whats going on. This one's almost there but I need to add more "guys" in the back and equalize the values a bit. Maybe add some random colors...

You know what I just thought would be F***King Lame beyond any measure? - DIgital Abstract Expressionism.

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Jafar said...

Incredivle work...Beautiful concept art!